Logan’s Review of 2011

I found a layout on pinterest HERE and had to fill it out for Logan! I think he’d agree.

A Little About Me:

  • Name: Logan
  • Age: 12-23 Months
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Food: Chicken & Mac & Cheese
  • Favorite Activity: Playing outside
  • Favorite Book: Where the Wild Things Are

Highlights from 2011:

  • Greatest Lesson Learned: Hitting is not nice and gets me in time-outs!
  • Hardest Thing of the Year: Moving twice in 6 weeks. I hate moving!
  • Favorite Memory: Making mommy cry on Mother’s Day when I decided it was time to walk.
  • What I Loved Most about 2011: Discovering how awesome lights are! WOW!

Looking Forward to 2012:

  • Want to learn: How to put all these words in my head into sentences.
  • Want to get better at: Throwing the ball for the dogs.
  • Biggest Goal: Pee in the potty. BUT for now, it’s a big swirly hole that will swallow me! AHHH!



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